Sunday, December 18, 2011

Something blue by Y

Isn't it lovely? Y, my beautiful daughter (in law) is making a play mat (or a quilt?) for her baby boy E. Y is not only a young mother with a very demanding career, she is also a gourment cook and a brilliant baker and finds time (I don't know how) for sewing and quilting. She already made one beautiful quilt for her friend's son:

and now she's working on this blue creation. The tutorial for this play mat is from the book "Quilting in no time" by Emma Hardy. An excellent quilting book for beginners with lots of easy projects, although nothing in quilting is done in "no time"...

The play mat is quite monochromatic - mostly blue with some green, I really love this color choice of Y.

Hope by next week the top will be finished. Y is debating whether to add another strip or maybe make a border of triangles. It's almost impossible to find time for sewing with a baby and a toddler!

I'm linking to Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story, and with Patchwork Times.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Hi! Your daughter in law has made really beautiful quilts! I love those blue colours!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! x Teje