Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet an old friend

In the last couple of weeks I was so busy - Pesach! It's a beautiful holiday celebrating freedom and spring. Somehow it evolved into a crazy obsession of cleaning and more cleaning. It even involves changing all your dishes, don't ask... total madness. So no time for sewing, quilting or blogging.

During spring cleaning I came across this lovely quillow (quilt in a pillow, an old favorite of the 90's, lots of tutorials in the web). I made it for my teenage son in 1994 and (except for a bag) it was the only work I finished back then. The cover is a traditional log cabin, and I think that even after all these years, battered and faded, it's still quite pretty.

The back is printed black fabric as is the border.

I really like fresh and modern quilts now, and this is so very traditional, but still nice.

Enjoy the spring!


1 comment:

  1. LOL! I remember quillows though never made one.
    Your log cabins are beautiful; they remind me of the work of Sylvia Einstein.