Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I decided to join the Work-In-Progress Wednesday link-up of Lee from Freshly Pieced. I think it's a great idea to stop and review my projects - what's progressing, what is stuck, what needs to "lie low" for a while. At the moment I have two projects going:

1. This one is almost finished. It is a pillow case of Somerset patchwork (folded star). I started it as a study at my quilting group. It's not really my style and way out my comfort zone, but I decided to do it as a creative exercise. At the moment I'm struggling with the zipper - also a good exercise!

I have to decide how to finish this block, should I add some strips of color, or not? What do you think?

2. Quilt for my son - here I'm really stuck. I chose the fabrics, started cutting, and that's it. Holidays, family, many excuses... I will start again seriously now that all distractions are gone.

Here's another link to Lee's Freshly Pieced - great idea!



  1. I have seen the star design for potholders and whatnot, I want to try to make one.I love the colors you are for zippers,I have done 3 and they were for makeup pouches..failry easy other then that,notta.good luck to you on it

  2. I know what you mean about starting to cut and then you stop. I do that too, why I don't know. I like the colors around the star makes it just pop.

  3. I really like your star and I would definitely add the stripey sashing around it :-) Your fabrics look lovely too, I know what you mean. I usually get the quilt top almost pieced and then i get stuck for a while!

  4. I think that star will make an excellent pillow, it is beautiful. I generally get stuck just before I start cutting as that is my least favourite part. I look forward to seeing how those fabrics look after you start your blocks.

  5. Many, many years ago my friend and I each made a folded star. Needless to say, that's all we made. Mine became a pillow and I gave it to my sister-in-law.