Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP Wednesday #2

It's been 2 weeks since my last WIP post, and I did almost nothing. Life happens (very good!)


I'm still stuck with the same star pillow case. I decided to use a white background instead of the black, and add some red and yellow stripes

I'm still not happy with the way it looks. Maybe change the black stripes with blue?

I think it's time to shelve this project, it started as an exercise and it takes too much of my attention. Do you also get stuck sometimes with an undeserved project? Time to move on.

New project:

I'm starting two new projects which have to be secret. This are the fabrics for one of them:

Finished project:

The Sunshine and Candy quilt, which was finished a couple of weeks ago was waiting for labeling. I finally labeled it this week, and gave the quilt to my grandson. I'm sure he'll enjoy it for many many happy years. The label is in Hebrew, in case you wondered what's this strange script

Here is the link to Lee from Freshly Pieced who's hosting this, thank you!


  1. I know what you mean about getting stuck sometimes. That is great that you label your quilts, I need to be better about doing that!

  2. Put it away for a bit, but definitely come back to it, because I think it's great.

  3. I would change the strips for the blue and finish it at that. If you are no longer having fun, put it aside for a bit and come back to it when you want to be working on it.

  4. I understand about being stuck. I have a quilt that I keep on my "on hold" list but I really just need to give up on it and call it a lesson learned. However, I will say yours is in much better conditon than mine. I don't know; I might put a white border, then bind it in blue.

  5. Ooooo.....I like secrets!! Can't wait to see. I like the blue border, and agree with Melinda. I would check out a white border with blue binding!! And the label is great! :) I have GOT to start labeling things!

  6. I like the black! Maybe it kinda reminds me of Steelers stuff. :)