Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pretty in Pink - Finished!

At last i finished Pretty in Pink, it's quilted and binded, I only need to applique the label with the name at the back. Baby G. is already 2 months old, and she has a new cousin, baby E. who is also waiting for a quilt, so it's time I continue working!

This quilt is made of my pink stash, some "it's a Hoot" for Moda, and some Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman. Some of the fabrics are from my collection.

The backing is a sheet from Ikea. I bought few of their children's sheets, they have lovely prints, wash very well, and are very soft and easy to work with.

For the binding is I used one of the pink striped fabrics from the quilt.

The quilt is 91 x 93 cm, 36 x 37 inch. I quilted it minimally - straight lines through the colored squares.

It's very girly, and I'm very happy with the result. This is the first girly quilt I ever made!

I'm linking to Fabric Tuesday at Quiltstory and to Quilt Summer Fair at Gen X Quilters.

Gen X Quilters Summer Fair


  1. Ooooo I love that pretty in pink. I love girlie quilts like that, even though I have all boys. Maybe that's why? :)

  2. So darling! I love the quilting design you went with it, it shows off the pattern and the fabrics so well! And I love the idea of using the sheet for the back. I'm planning a trip to Ikea soon I have a feeling I am going to come home with way more then a really "need"

  3. This is just lovely in its girl-li-ness! Wonderful!!!

  4. Very pretty! Congrats on the finish. = )

  5. Beautiful! I still have a few things my Grandmother made for me and I treasure them (actually, my grandchildren are treasuring them:-)

  6. I really like your quilt -- especially the back! What fun fabric to use -- and such a good idea to use a sheet!


  7. Great quilt! Makes me think of pink lemonade. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Summer Fair and sorry I'm so late stopping by! AnneMarie