Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's been so long since I posted WIP Wednesday! (June 21 was my last post). I had lots of work but no progress... (ha ha)

At long last I finished the Pretty in Pink quilt. I'm very happy with the result. All I need is to applique baby G.'s name on the back.

I'm working now on a new baby quilt, for baby E., my 3 weeks old lovely grandson. No more pink for now, back to blue/green/yellow and the rest of the color wheel. BTW, who says pink is for girls only? What do think? Would you make a pink quilt for a boy, or dress him in pink?

Enough with gender sociology. I'm trying something new - paper piecing. I'm working with a pattern from Glorious Patchwork by Kaffe Fasset the quilt on the cover. Somehow the instruction are for paper piecing, and I decided to try and master this technique with the help of my great teacher Margot. Well, I discovered I really don't like it. So time consuming! Maybe it's good for other shapes like points and curves, but for this log cabin I'd rather use simple piecing. Do you have a more positive experience with PP? I'd love to hear.

This is the first block I finished. It took me more than 3 hours! At this rate I'll finish this quilt when baby E. will be in school. I don't even like this block, I think the yellow at the end is not great. Well, hope to show some serious progress next week, paper piecing or not.

I'm linking with Lee from Freshly Pieced, who hosts this lovely event week after week. Thank you Lee!

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  1. Your baby girl quilt is so precious! I love it. And I'm with you on the paper piecing...I don't have much experience, but it's really tricky. I'm guessing it gets easier with practice.

  2. Love the pretty in pink quilt.

  3. Your baby quilt is adorable! We have three little boys so there really isn't anything pink or purple in our house, but when given a choice of colors for anything...stickers, straws, popsicles, they always go for pink!

  4. I absolutely adore paper piecing for what it makes sense to use it in: elaborate angles and such like in the Niemeyer or deJonge quilts that I love. For things like that log cabin block, I'm with you - I prefect regular piecing any day!

    I just LOVE your baby quilt. Pretty, pretty, pretty on the front and very cool hearts fabric on the back. :D

  5. Lvoe the baby quilt. So cute!

  6. Hola amiga: me gusta mucho tus trabajos, te sigo, saludos de Costa Rica

  7. Love the pretty in pink! I'm on the fence about paper piecing. It's easier to piece some odd shapes more accurately, but where I can I'd rather rotary cut or use templates.

  8. Oh my, love your Pretty in Pink quilt - both the front AND the back! You make me want to rush out to the local IKEA and buy that heart fabric. I'll probably get there, they won't even have the fabric and I'll still spend $100!!!! And are you just wanting to make a log cabin quilt? If so, you definitely should check out Eleanor Burns Log Cabin Quilt In a Day. You're going to be shocked at how easy (and FAST) your quilt works up. You'll be finished before you realize it! Do check into this -- you'll be so glad you did.

    And when I first tried paper-piecing, I hated it. But I recently finished a lap-sized quilt that my daughter wanted. It was originally designed as a small wall-hanging. The things I'll do for love! Check it out here (this is the longarm quilter that quilted it for me).