Monday, June 27, 2011

Blowing in the wind

I'm a very slow quilter, especially during the design stage when decisions need to be made. That's why I'm still working on the Pretty in Pink baby quilt. After long deliberations I decided to add white border all around to frame the quilt.

I took some pictures of the quilt top on our balcony in the lovely morning wind.

I'm also going to put the baby's name on the back,

Hope to finish the quilt during the coming week.

Do you also spend so much time on seemingly small decisions? Is this perfectionism really worth it in terms of time spent?

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pretty in Pink - progress

I finished the pink baby quilt top - thank you all commenters for your good advice! I put the squares on edge and added white sashing and I'm very happy with the result. Of course there were few glitches and a lot of ripping, and since my math was never good, the side triangles are too small... I didn't realize you have to cut them a 1/2 inch larger. Well, I call it tuition. You learn from experience.

I love working with the pink fabrics I've been keeping for so long. I especially like the stripes and plaids, but also the small flowers. These fabrics are a tribute to my dear little sister who taught me to love fabrics and all things beautiful.

It's quite a small quilt, 34.5x34.5 inch. Working on a small piece is a pleasure. Much easier, with immediate results.


Off to backing, basting and quilting.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Last Friday we had a small welcome celebration for baby G. May she have a long and happy life. I'm still working on the baby quilt for her. This is the first girly quilt (or the first girly anything...) that I'm making, and I'm very excited with the opportunity to use pink fabrics.

For a mother of boys I can't believe how many pink and violet fabrics I collected. Here is part of my stash:

It was good to pull out all these fabrics and design a small baby quilt. But then I had a surprise: the fabrics were all small print, similar to each other, and quite outdated (bought in the 90's). I had to add lots of new fabrics with large print to give the quilt more life and interest.

For some reason I really struggled with this quilt. I was not happy with the first design. It looked washed out and just not right. So I added some large print fabrics and deleted some of the very light fabrics which read almost like white:

This looks much better, but still something was missing. Maybe some blue? I added some blueish flowery fabrics:

No. These fabrics are simply wrong. Maybe I should give up the white sashing?

No. I like the quilt with the white sashing better. Maybe I should put the squares on point?

Much better. I think this is the way I'll make the quilt top.

No sewing for me yesterday, I went to Be'er Sheva (2 hours train ride) for my son's graduation (the father of baby G!). Thank god for all these happy occasions.

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