Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Master chef

Four sets of: apron, tea towel, placement and a pot holder for 4 little chefs, two toddlers and two little boys (4and 5 years old). I totally enjoyed sewing these aprons! Thanks so much Annelise from Aesthetic Nest for this great tutorial!

I made a few changes - for the pocket I cut two armholes and sewed them to make half a circle.

Instead of a button I put velcro for the neck strap. That's because I forgot to make the button hole before sewing the two sides together. It's easier to sew and easier for the kids to work open and close.

It was such a pleasure making the tiny pot holders (a 5"x5" square) and the small place mat (8"x11")!
Quilting this little miniatures in few moments, wonderful!

It's really great working on small projects. You get instant gratification and immediate results. I should do it more often.

I still need to finish two more sets, maybe next week.

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