Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sneak Preview - value quilt

For my beautiful 2 years old grandson I chose to make a value quilt. There are lots of great value quilts on the web, and they were all my inspiration. I tried to use mainly kids fabrics (boys!), and found quite a lot, like these

some from my old stash from the 90's, like these reds

and some new, including this Kaffe Fasset

The quilt is all basted with safety pins and ready for quilting. It's quite a large quilt (50 x 80 inch), so off to work!


  1. I really love this, it's fab! The colours work so well, good luck with the quilting!

  2. This is excellent! I love scrappy quilts and am amazed at the wonderful patterns you can make just by taking into account the values of the fabrics and ignoring the colours. Love all those novelty prints - I am sure your grandson will be thrilled with this.

  3. I recognize fabrics that I have from 'back in the day'. I like seeing them combined with the modern ones--for a unique look! Yay you!